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At Restore Medical Clinic, we use some of the most effective non-surgical procedures to activate your body’s natural healing process and treat common problems such as acne scars, stretch marks, and cellulite, without surgeries, incisions, downtime, or complications.

We provide the following nonsurgical treatments for acne scars, other scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.

Exosome Therapy

Exosome Therapy is a groundbreaking regenerative procedure based on stem cells. Exosomes are active ingredients that your body’s stem cells release to facilitate growth, cellular regeneration, and healing. Exosomes are a lot smaller than cells and they travel freely throughout the body to encourage healing without inducing negative reactions. During exosome therapy, highly concentrated doses of purified exosomes are injected into strategically chosen locations of your body to heal joint pains, injuries, and surface irregularities, like scars.

Exosomes are incredibly powerful, and they trigger an immediate response that lasts for around 24 hours. After the initial reaction, the exosomes trigger a second stage of healing wherein they reprogram cells to continue healing and growing for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Thus, exosome therapy produces immediate results that continue improving over many weeks. Since exosome therapy boosts your body’s natural healing response, your scars fade away permanently.

Exosome therapy is a safe and natural procedure that relies on your own body’s healing response rather than foreign products. Most patients resume their regular social and professional activities immediately after a 30-minute treatment session. Most patients only need one exosome therapy session

PRP Injections

Another powerful option for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks is PRP. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections use your own blood cells to accelerate your body’s natural healing response to heal scars and produce cosmetic improvements. Platelet-rich plasma is the purified part of your blood containing a high concentration of platelets (components that release healthy growth factors into your body). These growth factors are responsible for your body’s natural healing response — they encourage skin cell regeneration and healing to make scars fade away.

PRP injections are ideal for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, and cellulite. They improve your body’s wound-healing capabilities and trigger skin cell regeneration to make the scar fade away. They also activate your body’s collagen and elastin production capabilities to treat stretch marks and cellulite. PRP injections are derived from your own body, so they’re fully biocompatible and safe without the risk of allergic reactions. The PRP injection procedure is also quick and efficient, and you can resume most of your daily activities immediately.

Laser Treatments

Restore Medical Clinic provides the IPL laser system, one of the most effective laser treatments for smoother, tighter, and more youthful skin, and an excellent treatment choice for scarring pigment. The IPL uses cutting-edge Intense Pulsed Light technology that regenerates the skin's uppermost layers to remove dead skin cells, thereby activating your body’s natural skin cell regeneration and collagen formation abilities.

As your skin heals, all the surface irregularities such as scars and pigmented spots, fade away. Meanwhile, the gradual production of collagen tightens your skin, reduces the appearance of stretch marks, and smooths your skin to treat cellulite. Furthermore, the IPL laser system delivers a steady amount of laser energy to activate your body’s healing process without damaging the skin so much that you have to go through an extended recovery period.


It’s no secret why Morpheus8 by InMode is one of our top procedures here at Restore Med Clinic. This incredibly effective technology utilizes radio frequency in combination with microneedling. While traditional microneedling pens only penetrate up to 2mm into the skin, Morpheus8 goes up to 4mm on the face, and up to 8mm on the body! This triggers cell regeneration at a deeper level, which is necessary to break up and rebuild scar tissue. 
Numbing cream is applied and soothing, cold air is used to make this treatment comfortable for patients. We suggest 3 treatments per area to see maximum results.


Evolve by InMode uses radiofrequency to tighten the skin. This is a pain-free treatment that patients often claim feels similar to a hot stone massage. Applicators are placed on the desired area, and within seconds the patient begins to feel the warmth. Radiofrequency allows the heat to penetrate the tissue at the level necessary to promote collagen stimulation. As collagen is stimulated, cellulite begins to disappear. Evolve ‘Tite’ combines a series of 6 treatments, but each patient varies and might need additional sessions to see their desired results.

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