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Sometimes exercise and dieting may be unable to restore your butt, no matter how hard you try. Brazilian butt lifts are a practical solution, but you might not want the surgery that’s involved – which is where our non-surgical butt lift in Newport Beach comes in. Utilizing modern dermal-filler technology, we can lift, contour, and restore the fullness of your butt non-surgically – restoring your confidence and the comfort of your own body!

What is a non-surgical butt lift?

Our non-surgical butt lift uses Sculptra – a dermal filler that stimulates and enhances your body’s natural ability to create collagen. Several injections of Sculptra are done strategically throughout your butt, immediately restoring volume and contouring your butt. Our non-surgical butt lift in Newport Beach can:

  • Smooth the surface of your butt
  • Increase the plumpness of your butt and minimize dimples
  • Contour your butt to the shape that you desire
  • Lift a sagging butt and bring back a more youthful shape
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What are the benefits of a non-surgical butt lift?

Our Newport Beach non-surgical butt lift have several advantages over other butt lift procedures (such as Brazilian butt lifts or butt implants):

  • The procedure is non-invasive. Our non-surgical butt lifts are entirely non-invasive. We take advantage of the innovative dermal filler Sculptra to create the results using only a few rapid injections.
  • The procedure is rapid. Unlike more invasive butt enhancement treatments that take many hours, our non-surgical butt lift is quick and can be done in less than 30 minutes!
  • No downtime involved. While you may experience some slight bruising, swelling, and discomfort for a couple of days after the treatment, our patients are typically able to continue their lives uninterrupted.
  • The procedure is virtually painless. After the area has been numbed with a local anesthetic, our patients usually say that the treatment is completely painless.
  • The procedure is effective. Our non-surgical is effective, with results appearing immediately and lasting for up to two years. Even after the treatment itself has worn off, you’re left with a healthier butt that can produce collagen easier. You can also come back in later on to for additional treatments to maintain the look!

Am I a candidate for a non-surgical butt lift?

Anyone who wants to improve their butt is a likely candidate for our non-surgical butt lift. Our non-surgical butt lift in Newport Beach are customized to achieve the results that YOU want. We can accomplish a dramatic re-shaping of your butt, or we can make minor adjustments to improve the texture and slightly contour it. Because the procedure is so quick and easy, many patients are turning to non-surgical butt lifts combined with diet and exercise to achieve the shape of their dreams. We always start with an in-depth consultation and analysis, after which we help determine which treatment is best to accomplish your aesthetic goals.

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Why choose Restore Med Clinic?

Restore Med Clinic offers a unique experience with an unparalleled level of comfort. We are devoted to the health, wellbeing, and self-confidence of our patients. By bringing the most modern and effective regenerative and cosmetic technologies to the Newport Beach area, we can help give you the body of your dreams – without the pain, discomfort, and downtime of invasive surgery. Come see us today for an in-depth consultation and see how we can start you on the road to a more healthy, happy, and beautiful you!

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