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What is nonsurgical butt augmentation?

Nonsurgical butt augmentation refers to procedures that enhance your buttocks without surgeries or incisions, ruling out traditional implant-style enhancements and butt lifts. There are several means of achieving nonsurgical butt augmentation, including fat transfer and dermal fillers. Restore Med Clinic favors PRP injections to provide long-lasting and natural butt enhancements without the risk of complications.

PRP injections are ideal for nonsurgical butt augmentation because they’re autologous, i.e., they’re derived from your own body, and they trigger your body’s natural growth response. As such, there’s no risk of your body rejecting the treatment, and you can be assured of long-term results that look natural.

Benefits of nonsurgical butt augmentation

  • No incisions and no scars
  • Painless, comfortable procedure
  • Produces natural and long-lasting results
  • Enhances your body’s natural healing and growth response
  • Negligible risk of complications
  • Concludes within 30 minutes
  • No downtime required
Nonsurgical PRP Butt Augmentation Newport Beach

How do PRP injections work for nonsurgical butt augmentation?

PRP is short for “platelet-rich plasma,” a purified part of your blood cells isolated from the ‘platelet-poor plasma.” (Surprisingly, both PRP and PPP have their benefits, yet here we’re interested in PRP’s ability to produce growth.) PRP is the part of the blood with a high concentration of platelets, i.e., components that trigger your body’s natural healing and growth response.

When injected into the body, PRP activates your body’s natural growth and healing response to promote skin cell regeneration, tissue growth, and blood circulation. During nonsurgical butt augmentation, PRP is injected into strategically-chosen locations around the buttocks to trigger natural growth response, leading to a gradual but steady improvement in your butt’s shape and size. PRP injections activate your body’s natural healing response rather than injecting a foreign agent, so the results are slower to appear, but they’re long-lasting and natural.

What happens during the nonsurgical butt augmentation procedure?

Step one in a nonsurgical butt augmentation is the preparation of PRP. We’ll draw a small amount of your blood, no more than the amount usually taken during diagnostic exams. Your blood sample is then processed, purified, and placed in a centrifuge to produce PRP.

After purification, we will then deliver the PRP into strategically-selected sites around your buttocks. The regions are chosen carefully to produce the desired shape and results.

The number of injections and the treatment's overall duration depends entirely on your current physique and your expectations. For best results, we’ll likely recommend multiple sessions spread over several weeks.

Am I a candidate for nonsurgical butt augmentation with PRP?

PRP injections are autologous, i.e., derived from your own body, so there’s no risk of complications or contraindications. As such, you’re an ideal candidate for nonsurgical butt augmentation with PRP if you want tighter, firmer, and more voluminous buttocks, without relying on surgeries or implants.

Why choose Restore Med Clinic?

Restore Med Clinic is committed to providing the best cosmetic treatments available. We love our patients and our patients love their results. Our expert aestheticians have years of experience in helping people achieve their cosmetic goals, even without going under the knife.

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