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Acne is one of the most common skin concerns amongst both men and women. Generally a collective term that refers to a wide range of skin conditions that can affect the face, back and other parts of the body, acne can include blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. While most people occasionally suffer from painless but unwelcome acne breakouts, severe forms of acne can be painful or chronic and can lead to scarring. Restore Med Clinic provides some of the most advanced cosmetic treatments that eliminate acne, restore smooth, youthful skin and heal acne scars. All of our acne treatments are curated according to your specific concerns and expectations.

Acne Treatments

Most people assume all acne is alike and that treating it is a one-size-fits-all. Consequently, people with acne try randomly-selected treatments that often don’t work because they don’t address the root cause of your acne. Not all acne is created equally, and not all acne treatments are alike. At Restore Med Clinic, we’ll help you find the acne treatment based on your specific acne type, skin condition and skin sensitivity.

Acne Treatment Newport Beach

Acne Facials

An acne facial is an alternative treatment designed to address the root cause of acne breakouts without the side effects usually associated with strong acne medications and treatments. Acne facials extract all the sebum and oil buildup deep within the skin’s pores, releasing them to clear out the clogged pores. Extracting the excess buildup from your pores provides a calming sensation as it soothes the inflammation in your skin.

Most acne facials start with a thorough deep cleansing and exfoliation. After the exfoliation, our expert aestheticians will start the extraction process of smoothly unclogging pores using specialized tools and finger-applied pressure. The extraction process may cause mild discomfort but is quickly followed by a relaxing facial massage and face mask. The acne facial may also include salicylic and glycolic acid infusion to remove dead skin cells. The treatment reduces acne breakouts, minimizes redness, and soothes skin inflammation.

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Acne Scar Treatments

Long after acne has come and gone, acne scarring can lead to loss of self-confidence. Most acne scar treatments aim to facilitate your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin, and its skin cell regeneration capacities. As your body produces more collagen, the acne scars are naturally eliminated.

Restore Med Clinic provides the following cutting-edge treatments for acne scars.

    Exosome Therapy: Exosomes found in your body’s stem cells activate your body’s natural healing and growth response. During the exosome therapy, purified doses of exosomes are injected around the acne scars to promote skin cell regeneration and healing.

    PRP Injections: PRPs are components of your blood that are rich in platelets and growth hormones, components that activate your body’s natural skin cell regeneration and collagen production capabilities. When purified PRPs are injected into the right regions, they heal your acne scars and smooth your skin.

    Phoenix CO2 Laser Treatment: During laser treatments, the uppermost layer of your skin is safely removed to foster fresh skin cell regeneration, thus evening out your facial skin.

Why Choose Restore Medical Clinic?

Restore Medical Clinic provides some of the most effective cosmetic treatments for acne and acne scars in Newport Beach. Our expert aestheticians patiently examine your skin to identify the root cause of acne, and curate the ideal treatment plans to treat breakouts and the resultant scars. Contact us today at (949) 503-9621 to schedule a consultation.

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