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Many people take supplements with little to no change in how they feel. At Restore Med Clinic, we offer a simple, fast, and effective option – vitamin shots in Newport Beach.

What are vitamin shots?

When you take vitamins orally, the nutrients must travel through the entire digestive system, where they are slowly absorbed. The effectiveness of vitamins taken orally varies greatly, affected by your physiology, the time of day you take them, whether you take them with meals, and the quality of the supplements.

Our Newport Beach vitamin shots bypass the digestive system altogether. We offer high-quality vitamin infusions, directly injected into your bloodstream. The vitamins are then immediately used by your body – for a noticeable boost in energy and vitality.

Vitamin Shots in Newport Beach

What vitamin shot is right for me?

Our vitamin shot treatments start with a consultation and analysis to determine where you may be deficient, followed by injections of the specific vitamins your body needs. Our injections are done either in your arm or the buttocks and take only minutes to perform.

Vitamin Shots Newport Beach

Vitamin shots at Restore Med Clinic in Newport Beach

Restore Med Clinic in Newport Beach is a state-of-the-art medical wellness center with a handpicked staff of medical professionals. We focus on the overall health, wellbeing, and beauty of our patients. We offer a range of cutting-edge regenerative, health, and cosmetic treatments to restore your energy, vitality, and overall health.

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