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At Restore Med Clinic, we offer an innovative IV therapy in Newport Beach that infuses your body to boost your body into rapid and effective natural healing.

What is IV drip therapy?

Our IV therapy in Newport Beach is a revolutionary new treatment based on modern research into cell rejuvenation. By providing an innovative IV serum, we give your body a significant boost that can help repair and treat countless conditions.

IV Therapy Stem Cells Newport Beach

Who can benefit from IV therapy?

Patients with conditions that are often considered difficult to treat can benefit greatly from this therapy. Our medical professionals at Restore Med Clinic will help you perform a complete physical analysis of your body and work with you to determine whether this innovative treatment is the right choice for you.

Why choose us?

Restore Med Clinic is a unique practice that provides cutting-edge regenerative therapies – both cosmetically and medically. Our goal is to bring you to new levels of health, beauty, and happiness – letting you enjoy life to the fullest. Through constant research and education, we provide the most modern, effective, and professional treatments available. When you walk in our clinic, you will immediately feel the comfort and care from our hand-picked staff – all the way through to a more youthful, healthier, and revitalized you. See us today to get started!

IV drip therapy for anti-aging

As we age, our bodies’ natural production of stem cells decreases, and the ability to heal and regenerate gradually lessens. These natural changes, among other factors, are what leave us looking and feeling old. With our Newport Beach IV drip therapy, an infusion from young, healthy cells are generated in your body – giving your older, tired cells a youthful and healthy boost. This therapy can counteract many of the adverse effects of aging and revitalize your body – giving you increased energy, vitality, boosting your immune system and reducing pain.

IV Therapy Newport Beach

Nutrients to restore wellness with IV drip therapy

IV drip therapy does far more than can be achieved with oral supplements. While supplements can offer many benefits, they must travel through your entire digestive system to enter the bloodstream. With our IV therapy in Newport Beach, critical, life-restoring nutrients are delivered directly into your bloodstream. Essential nutrients to help your body heal, regenerate, and restore energy are available at Restore Medical Clinic.

What IV drip is right for me?

Your physical body may be lacking specific vitamins, minerals, or hydration. With our custom IV therapies, you can experience immediate improvements in your energy, productivity, and overall feelings of wellbeing. Whether you overindulged and are suffering the effects of a night out, feel generally run down and lack energy, or want to keep your body at peak performance, we offer a range of IV drip therapies. The first step is to meet with us about your condition. We offer customized IV drips for anti-aging, skin renewal, boosting the immune system and to restore energy, health, and wellbeing.

Restore your health and wellbeing with IV drip therapy

Our state-of-the-art clinic was established to provide the latest, most innovative and effective treatments for whole-body health, including IV drip therapy in Newport Beach. If you feel tired, run-down, lacking energy, and need a significant improvement in how you feel, discover the benefits of our range of IV drip therapies.

What are the benefits of IV drip therapy?

IV drip therapy offers several key benefits, which include:

  • Super hydration
  • Nutrients delivered directly into your bloodstream
  • No recovery time
  • Boosts body’s immune response
  • Ward off illness
  • Flushes toxins from your system
  • Increased energy
  • Helps with issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Speeds healing
  • Maintains muscle and tissue health

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