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Waking up to the daily decision of “pain, or medication?” is very challenging, and at Restore Med Clinic, we understand what you’re going through.

The good news is that our revolutionary exosome therapy offers an alternative to medication or even surgery. Exosome therapy in Newport Beach gives a serious boost to your body’s natural healing process, reducing a number of unwanted ailments. This cutting-edge treatment also helps your body repair the underlying condition.

The Science of Exosomes

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What is exosome therapy?

Exosome therapy is a recent scientific advance in regenerative healing based on research into stem cells. Exosomes are a key “active ingredients” in stem-cell treatment - they are like little balloons that stem cells send out to promote growth, healing, and repair of the surrounding tissue. Exosomes are much smaller than cells and can travel throughout the body freely. They have a low risk of rejection or negative reactions.

By injecting high concentrations of purified exosomes into joints or other injuries, we can create dramatic results.

Exosome Therapy Newport Beach

What to expect with exosome therapy?

Exosome therapy in Newport Beach can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour, depending on what parts of the body we’re treating. The injections are relatively painless, and there is no downtime – you will be able to continue with your regular life activities immediately after treatment.

How Soon Will I Notice Results?

You can expect results shortly after the completion of the treatment, as the exosome injections in Newport Beach rapidly work to kickstart the healing process. Most patients require only one treatment to get full results from exosome therapy, but the procedure can be repeated as needed.

Exosomes tend to trigger an initial and immediate response that lasts 24 hours. Following this is an additional second phase delayed response wherein the exosomes begin to reprogram cells in the targeted area. This second phase may require 6 to 8 weeks and will continue producing results for months to come.

Because exosome therapy is boosting your body’s natural healing ability, the results don’t “wear off” over time like medication. While we can’t guarantee that certain conditions will be cured with exosome therapy, you can expect dramatic improvements in your pain level and comfort. You can also expect conditions that naturally get worse over time to slow down and stop worsening so fast, as your body will be much more effective at fighting them.

Exosome Therapy Newport Beach
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Restore Med Clinic difference

Restore Med Clinic is part of an exclusive group of clinics to offer exosome therapy in Newport Beach. We are a fusion of medical spa and medical clinic, offering the latest in regenerative healing to our patients. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful body – and we are here to help you achieve that. Our Newport Beach Med Clinic is here to provide an unparalleled level of service, comfort, and healing to all of our patients. See us today for a private consultation, and let’s get you on the road to a happier, healthier life!

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