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Dealing with chronic pain can be very difficult and unpleasant. Your attention is always on the pain, and everything you do is done through a fog of misery – making even the most enjoyable aspects of life uncomfortable. The usual answer is medication, but medication only provides temporary relief and comes with side effects. At Restore Medical Clinic, we understand what you go through every day – and we’re here to help. We offer cutting-edge regeneration therapies that can not only reduce the pain but also increase the health and mobility of any part of your body.

Understanding regenerative medicine

We’ve always known that the body can heal itself, but until recently, we haven’t known how this works or why. Recent scientific discoveries have given us a better understanding of how healing works and how to enhance it. There are three critical cells in the process of healing and regenerating tissue in the body, and as we age our body drastically reduces the number of regenerative cells that it produces. With fewer stem cells in an area, tired and injured cells don’t know how to rejuvenate and repair – creating chronic pain and injuries that will not heal.


Illustration of platelets

Platelets are small plate-shaped blood cells that your body uses to heal cuts and injuries. They are what create scabs, and they contain many of the proteins and materials that your cells need to rebuild themselves.

Stem Cells

Illustration of stem cells

Stem cells are basic “unformed” cells that can become other cells. They are the “building blocks” of organs, tissue, and bones. Your body sends stem cells to an injury to replace dead or damaged cells and tell the surrounding cells to regenerate and heal.


Illustration of exosomes

Exosomes are microscopic “couriers” that cells produce to deliver messages and proteins to other cells. Exosomes produced by stem cells are very useful to the body, as stem cell exosomes deliver a message to grow, rejuvenate, and repair.

Chronic Pain Therapy in Newport Beach, CA

Exosome therapy is the latest breakthrough in regenerative medicine. By injecting stem cell exosomes directly into an injury or painful joint, we stimulate and enhance your body’s natural healing process. The tired, old cells start to revive themselves, and the injury begins to heal. Exosome therapy is effective at:

  • Significantly reducing pain
  • Encouraging rapid healing of injuries
  • Nerve regeneration
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Re-growing cartilage in your joints
  • Preventing joints from further degrading

If we can not inject exosomes directly into the injured area, we introduce it to the body systemically through IV exosome therapy. This allows the exosomes to help restore hard-to-reach and sensitive areas. Because exosomes are not living cells, there is no risk of them dying and little chance of your body rejecting them. Once they are in your body, they get to work and are extremely effective.

PRP injections

Plasma is the liquid part of your blood that carries all of the blood cells, and PRP (platelet rich plasma) is plasma that has a very high concentration of platelets. PRP is like a healing “booster shot” that is created from your own blood. PRP injections start with the doctor drawing blood and purifying it down to just the PRP. This PRP is then injected into the target area, resulting in increased healing, pain reduction and stimulation of your body’s natural healing process.

Which treatment is right for me?

We will perform a thorough examination of your body to discover the source of your chronic pain. Once we have isolated the cause of the pain, we will work with you to determine which chronic pain therapy in Newport Beach will be the most effective in giving you back your healthy, active life.

Why choose us?

Our mission is to provide all our patients with cutting-edge regenerative medicine in Newport Beach to give them the happy, healthy, and beautiful lives that they deserve. As a unique fusion of medical clinic and medical spa, we offer a wide range of services – both cosmetic and restorative – to help you live life as you choose: active, healthy, and vital.

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