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By providing next-level regenerative treatments and advanced aesthetic technology, you can experience extraordinary improvements in your appearance, natural vitality, and overall health and wellness.

Your body – yourself.

In today’s society, self-confidence is intimately linked to physical appearance. Meetings, parties, social media, even family photographs – your ability to be comfortable and confident centers around how you look and feel.

At Restore Medical Clinic, we are passionate about providing regenerative treatments that help our patients thrive, and approach life with energy and vitality, while looking years younger than their natural age. Through educating our patients and offering the world’s most cutting-edge therapies, we can defy natural aging and restore a refreshed, youthful look.

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An advance in natural body regeneration has been achieved with exosomes.

Exosomes are micro-vesicles (microscopic structures used by cells to communicate with each other) that are directly responsible for cell healing and regeneration. Exosomes are the “active ingredient” in stem-cells – and recent discoveries have led to the isolation of exosomes, the key to natural body regeneration.

Exosomes function to trigger skin and body regeneration, with all the benefits of stem-cells but in a more pure, effective, and versatile way. Exosome treatments are effective in countless applications – organ and joint rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, hair restoration, and more. Exosome therapies can be used to treat specific areas, or in IV treatments to address hard-to-reach or hard-to-treat systemic conditions.

We are proud to bring exosome therapy to the Newport Beach area along with our wide array of other treatments and services at our state-of-the-art clinic.

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